A simple question: Where is Southwest Houston?

You would think it would be simple, but nooooo. 

Night after night, the TV news blares that this or that happened in Southwest Houston. And more often than not, it’s not even close! 

I think they just take I-10 going west and Hwy 288 going south and say everything within that quadrant is Southwest Houston. That’s lazy … and crazy. 

When you’re headed west out the Katy Freeway, what’s on your left is West Houston, including Memorial and the Villages. East of Almeda Road is really Southeast Houston. And inside the Loop is ALWAYS inside the Loop, especially when it’s in that quadrant. 

I say to my husband, “Just tell people we’re near Meyerland.” That’s about as close to being in the Loop as you can get … but the housing price-point is several notches lower. Good for us! 

I’ve lived in this area ever since I graduated from college – everywhere from near the Galleria, to out in Alief; then after a stint in Sugar Land (Southwest Houston NOT!), inside the Loop near Montrose and for the last 14½ years in the Meyerland area. 

What’s in Southwest Houston is what makes Houston such an interesting place. Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, it was home for the hordes of singles and young families moving to Houston for thousands of jobs. In fact, hit the nostalgia trail. Read about real estate tycoon Michael Pollack and see the 1984 commercial for his infamous Colonial House apartments, “Beautiful Southwest Houston: The Golden Age of Apartment Living,” on Swamplot. Even former President George W. Bush lived in a Southwest Houston apartment complex in the ‘70s.

Today, Southwest Houston is the most racially, culturally and economically diverse area in Houston – and probably in the country, although I don’t have the numbers to prove that. From Katrina refugees to upscale white residents of Bellaire and West University Place, from Hispanics (legal and illegal) to Asian-Americans, from the Texas Medical Center to Sharpstown (one of the first master-planned communities in the nation) – Southwest Houston has it all. It’s a lot to talk about. 

This is gonna be fun.


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I am a writer and editor with 20 years in the business. After writing for other people for so long, I've decided to write a little for myself.
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