Remodeling pride … remodeling envy

Yes, I love my new kitchen. But I’m going crazy about the master bath!

Let me explain. My husband and I went through a long but extremely rewarding remodeling project back in 2008 … that really had started in 1995. Whaaaat?

Well, we started dating in 1994 and as soon as it got really, really serious, I realized we were going to live together in HIS house … and it needed MAJOR remodeling. So 13 years later (after the 54 piers were put in, but that’s another story) I got the work done on the kitchen and the living/dining room. It’s fabulous! Here are before and after pictures from the kitchen:

Old kitchen

New kitchen

(The reason for the professional “after” picture is that we chose Joetta Moulden, a local design and remodeling whiz, as our consultant on the project. She has a monthly column in Houston House & Home magazine and our home was featured: )

Thanksgiving 2009, while cooking for the husband’s clan, I was standing in my “new” kitchen and positively giggling with glee. I LOOOOVVVEEE my kitchen!

But Joetta warned us that remodeling one room starts a chain of dominoes, where it makes the next room look like it needs it too. So here I am, making changes on the hall bathroom – I tell my husband it’s a MINOR remodel. Why? Because we’re still paying off the $$$big bucks home equity loan we took out for the foundation work and the major remodeling, that’s why.

And the minor remodeling actually looks great! Hubby has repainted the cabinets (he’s so careful and talented), we’ve gotten the bathtub plumbing fixed and will fix the sheetrock cracks. We’ve installed a new mirror, light fixture and sleek glass shelf. The décor has been updated to something more sophisticated and actually complimentary of the 1960-era peach tile.

So what’s the problem? The MASTER bath.

You see, our neighbor is in real estate. He has been buying “good bones” houses in the nearby Westbury subdivision, doing major major remodeling and then selling them. I made the mistake of seeing one of his re-dos and now I’m in full-blown green ENVY. Here’s why:

Benning bath -- shower

Benning bath -- vanity

Somehow, Jason took a master bath I swear is even SMALLER than ours (is that possible?) and turned it into a little jewel. I had always figured we would just leave that bathroom to whoever bought our home someday to redo. But noooooooo. Now I want that for ME … well, us.

So now I’m haunting HGTV videos online, watching couples taking sledgehammers and crowbars to old ceramic tile and doing “$40,000 bathroom projects for $2,000.” So they say. My neighbor actually redid HIS master bath last week. I heard jackhammers and saw lots of workmen, so I think it’s done. I asked his wife, “$10,000?” and she said, “less.”

We’ll see. I’m looking at mirrors right now. Will it be another minor remodel? Or a major one? Where will the money come from? Will hubby go along?

Stay tuned.


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I am a writer and editor with 20 years in the business. After writing for other people for so long, I've decided to write a little for myself.
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